Nightmare to Award Winner

landscape poolsDown to Earth Landscaping was called for this job after the first contractor completely fumbled the job. A long time supplier, San Juan Pools recommended our services to these homeowners and of course we were happy to come in and help turn this project around.

We had a difficult job as sometimes correcting existing mistakes is more of a challenge than starting from scratch, but we were up to the task. First we discovered that the pool had been installed more than 14″ off level, so we had to remove the 40’ x 16’ fiberglass pool completely, store it while we fixed the foundation and then reinstall it using a large crane to drop it back into place. In effect we had to redo the entire job from top to bottom.
landscape pools
In addition to re-installing the swimming pool we also reinstalled their automated pool cover and redesigned the backyard to installed a patio deck with paving stones, an outdoor natural gas fire pit, limestone boulders, limestone retaining walls and general landscaping and plantings (sod, seeding, flowers, shrubs, grasses, and wood chips). The homeowners were ecstatic with the final results which turned their backyard from a nightmare to an award-winner. And even better yet, they were especially happy to find out that our bill came in at less than half the price of the initial contractor they had hired.