Landscaping FAQ’s

How is Down to Earth Landscaping different from other companies?

Down to Earth Landscaping is unique in our aim to work with customers one on one to build the project that you desire. Owner, Al Vissors is on site every day and works directly with our customers to make sure all projects exceed your expectations.

How do we get started?

The on-site consultation is the best way for us to see your property, listen to and understand what you would like to accomplish and what you visualize for your property. An initial on-site consultation also allows us to get a greater understanding of the property layout and any challenges that may occur.

What happens during the consultation?

During the consultation, owner, Al will personally spend time with the homeowners to assess your needs. During this time we may sketch some basic ideas and provide you with guidance for your landscape project. We will also walk you through the project process and at this point we will determine whether a more formal design is required.

Can we work within a certain budget?

Absolutely! If you have a budget in mind we will work to keep the project within this established budget and will make sure to choose materials that fit within your budget. Most homeowners want to stick within a certain budget and it is very important for Down to Earth Landscaping to have good communication with our clients.

Who will be building my pool?

At Down to Earth Landscaping, we take great pride in building our clients’ pools ourselves. Our in house pool contractors are highly trained in all phases of the construction process. Providing these services in-house, as opposed to utilizing subcontractors, brings efficiency to the process that ultimately saves our clients money and allows us to communicate with you directly. We are able to customize the size, shape and material that the pool is built in based on your needs and budget. We are confident that the pool we build will give you years of enjoyment! Visit our pools and poolscapes for some inspiration.

What is the difference between vinyl and fiberglass pools?

Vinyl liner pools are structurally similar to above ground pools, yet they are in ground. The process begins with the crew digging a hole and assembling a metal frame around the perimeter of the hole. They then secure sand around the bottom of the hole. After which they secure a vinyl liner to the structural walls. This liner is typically in need of replacement in about 7-10 years.

Fiberglass pools are manufactured pools made from a fiberglass composite material. To install the pool, the construction crew digs a hole to fit the size of the preformed shell. They set the necessary plumbing, fill the bottom with sand, and drop the preformed pool structure into the hole. They then level the pool, hook up all the equipment and electrical and backfill the area around the pool. After which, they usually pour a concrete deck around the pool and add the finishing touches.

How long will it take to build my pool?

Typically a pool project will take three to four weeks from time of excavation. There are factors to consider such as size and shape of pool, job-site accessibility, weather conditions and soil conditions. Our crew will give you daily updates so you are never left wondering what the status of your pool build is.

I keep hearing the word “hardscapes”. What does that mean?

Most landscaping is a combination of plants and hardscaping of some sort. Whether you are using decks, stone patios and walkways, or pavers for your driveways most of us have some sort of hardscape landscaping in our lawn and garden area. This term can refer to any solid materials you use in landscaping at all. From the borders you use for your boxes to stone paths that line your lawn as well as the decking material you choose to surround your pool. Even fences, gates, arbors, gazebos and boulders can fall under the title of hardscaping quite accurately.

I only want to deal with one contractor. Can you provide landscaping and hardscaping services?

Yes. Many of our customers want to take the hassle out of dealing with several contractors. Our team offers full landscaping services including pool installations, vinyl liner pool replacements, outdoor kitchens, plantings, patios and more. We would be happy to work one on one with you to create your vision.

How will the construction process impact my existing landscape?

We take every effort to ensure that impact to your existing landscape is minimal. We provide proper erosion control measures and barriers to protect specific areas, as needed. Our team will also be sure to clean up the job site thoroughly at the end of each day, leaving you with as little mess as possible. And of course, any damage to your property (or your neighbours’ property) incurred as a result of your project will be corrected.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our company warrants its work to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date the project is completed.