Why Choose a Salt Water Pool?

Salt Water Pool System - Down to earth landscaping Salt water pools have become far more popular within the pool industry in recent years. When building or renovating your pool consider using a salt water system.

How Salt Water Pools Work

When the pool’s pump is activated, the salt water goes through the filter. As it moves through the filter, it comes in contact with electrode plates. The salt passes through a cell and is converted into Sodium Hypochlorite which continuously “shocks” the pool while maintaining the desired chlorine residual. Once the pool has been shocked, the Sodium Hypochlorite is converted back to salt and the loop continues.

The Benefits of Salt Water Pools

  • Pool maintenance is simplified – Salt water pool systems maintain constant and stable chlorine residuals and pH levels thus greatly reducing the amount of “balancing” chemicals needed. The need to handle and store potentially dangerous chlorine products is eliminated. You will need to make fewer trips to have your water tested.
  • Better feel on your skin – By introducing only a small amount of natural chlorine to the water, the irritation to skin and eyes is vastly reduced. Your skin will be less itchy and your eyes will be less irritated.
  • Cost reduction – The initial cost to set up a salt water pool may be a little bit more expensive however, in the long run you will realize savings as you will no longer have to purchase chlorine.